Meet the Team

Meet the creative team behind all of

Sad Melon Media's projects. 

Madison Fox

  • Creative Director

  • Production Designer

  • Photographer

Madison prides herself on the intricate details captured in the frames of her photos and elaborate set pieces. Madison ensures a creative vision is established with every project, big or small.

Deane Marshall

  • Audio Engineer

  • Sound Designer

Deane masterfully crafts a sound mix to fit the mood of every story. From on set sound recording to post production mixing and design, Deane works hard to create what your ears enjoy. 

Logan Mulligan

  • Cinematographer

  • Director

  • Editor


Through his passion for visual storytelling, Logan puts the composition of every shot at the forefront. From creative conception to the final edit, Logan is there every step of the way to help craft the story.

Located in Denton, Texas,

but proudly serving the greater

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

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